Oldest person in the world turns 115

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Edna Parker has five grandchildren, 13 great-grandchildren and 13 great-great grandchildren. She has outlived both of her sons, and is one of 75 human beings in the world who have lived past the age of 110 years. Yesterday, she became the oldest living person in the world, celebrating her 115th birthday with a red rose and new white shoes.

Edna's extended family were at her side at her birthday party at her nursing home over the weekend, and Associated Press photos show fascinating photos: gnarled, age-pocked hands intertwined with the youth of her great-great-grandchild, a legacy she created. It must be an amazing thing, to sit in her shoes.

Medical experts say that longevity is in family genes, and the fact that Edna's two sisters lived to be 88 and 99 seem to support this. But doctors admit that they do not know exactly what allows some people to live to such ripe age, but note that it is a combination of genes and environment - as well as attitude.

Notably: the very old "seem to manage their stress better than the rest of us." I'm going to try to remember that: I would rather like to meet my son's grandchildren, too.

Happy Birthday, Edna -- may you see several more!

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