Personalized wooden baby block

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My friend recently became a mother and received one of the most simple and beautiful personalized baby items I have ever come across, a laser-cut wooden block.

The six sides of the block each bear different information about the baby: his/her full name, the pertinent birth numbers (date, time, weight, length), name of the proud parents, day of the week and city & state of birth, the baby's initial (first or last), and the bottom side can hold a special message up to 40 characters long from the special gift givers.

The 2" blocks are made of solid maple and are a lovely way to commemorate special event that are sure to be treasured heirlooms for future generations. Available at Craft E Family starting at $15.50 with free shipping.

(Be sure to check out their other lead-free building block sets for gift ideas for older kids too!)

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