Assault with a deadly peanut

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Sure, you could argue that it's all just fun and games, but sometimes someone can end up getting seriously hurt. Someone almost did get very seriously hurt in Lexington, Kentucky. An eighth-grade student at Morton Middle School thought it would be funny to put crushed bits of peanut butter cookies in the lunchbox of another eighth-grader. The problem is, the victim is seriously allergic to peanuts.

Luckily, the allergic student did not eat the cookies or suffer a reaction. The student who put the cookies in the lunchbox, however, has been arrested and charged with a felony -- first-degree, wanton endangerment. It was well known that the victim suffered from a severe allergy and the guilty student was seen putting the cookies in the lunchbox.

Although the two students had no history of problems, it seems to me this is still an appropriate response. Parent Tom Fielder, whose child was not involved in the incident, agrees. "I think it was entirely appropriate ... particularly because he knew that it was a life-threatening possibility," he said. "I think the student should be dealt with in a strict manner."

Because there are a number of students at Morton who are allergic to peanuts, parents and students have been asked not to bring foods containing peanuts to school. It seems to me that the felony arrest is probably the right response to the situation.

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