Bananas make baby boys?

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According to a new study out of Britain's Oxford and Exeter Universities, a woman wishing to conceive a boy child would do well to stock up on bananas. Hold the penis jokes, this isn't about the phallic shape of the fruit, but the potassium in the fruit.

Scientists studied the eating habits of 740 women during their first pregnancies and the results seem to confirm what generations of women has suspected all along: bananas make boys. "We were able to confirm the old wives' tale that eating bananas and so having a high potassium intake was associated with having a boy, as was a high sodium intake," researcher Fiona Mathews said.

While science may be validating this particular theory, it also debunks another. Contrary to what many believe, drinking lots of milk does not guarantee a girl. They tested this theory with bowls of cereal and found that 59 percent of women who ate a bowl each day bore boys. This is compared to the 43 percent rate of boys born to those who ate less than a bowlful per week.

"If you want a boy, eat a healthy diet with a high calorie intake, including breakfast," Mathews said.

Now that we have the science out of the way, here are some really interesting old wives' tales for determining whether you are carrying a boy or a girl. What's the craziest one you've heard? Did it turn out to be accurate?

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