Dogs rescue abandoned newborn

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In India, boy babies are preferable to girls due in part to their ability to grow up and become family breadwinners. Not only do Indian girls not bring home the bacon, parents must pay large dowries in order to marry them off. For that reason, the United Nations says that about 2,000 unborn girls are illegally aborted every day in India.

This baby girl in the eastern state of Bihar was lucky enough to survive her mother's pregnancy, but just barely. Officials say the newborn child was discovered buried in a mound of mud and likely would have died had it not been for three stray dogs. "The dogs removed the soil around and began to bark and the baby started crying which drew attention of the local villagers," Ram Narayan Sahani, a senior government official, said.

Police assume the baby's mother left her there to die and are still searching for her. As for the baby girl, it looks like she is going to be just fine. With people trekking to this remote village to see the miracle child who was saved by dogs, she's become a bit of a celebrity. But the best news is that a local couple with no children of their own have adopted her.

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