Motherhood would feel "violating" to diva Mariah

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Mariah Carey is known for diva behavior such as requiring a red carpet lined with white candles to welcome her when she arrives at a destination and having a chauffeur for her dog, so it's probably in the best interests of everyone involved that she has decided not to have children but her reason why is a little unusual. The singer told OK! magazine she was childless by choice because, "I never wanted to feel violated and I know that's a kind of weird thing to say, but that's how I am."

She goes on to explain, "It's hard to have kids in this world. I don't think I could properly educate a child right now. Maybe in the future, but I actually haven't thought about it. For now, I enjoy my dog Jack's company. It's definitely because of childhood traumatic stuff. The whole not wanting to have a baby as a baby.

I don't understand what Mariah means when she equates motherhood with being violated. I didn't relish my girlie parts being on display during the birthing process and definitely wasn't one of those women enjoyed feeling the baby moving around inside. It felt like I swallowed a live trout and I sort of hated the sensation and just wanted the kid to stay still, concentrate on developing properly, and get the heck out of there in a timely manner. But I never felt violated.

There's nothing wrong with not wanting to be a mother, but when those feeling are due to a childhood trauma that's almost like double jeopardy. I hope Mariah getting some treatment to help work her way through whatever happened to her when she was younger.

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