Potty training newsletters? Yes.

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I have not changed a nuclear toddler-plus diaper in over a week and a half, and I think I am more giddy with excitement, pride and relief than I was on the day I graduated University. I am actually really surprised at how hard and all-consuming potty training has been. Harder than breastfeeding and sleeplessness, for me: a stunningly long and complicated process I kind of didn't expect.

Although I've been half-heartedly trying to get my two-and-a-half year old to use the adult potty for about six months now, progress didn't start in earnest until several weeks ago, when I decided we needed to hunker down in the house for the weekend, naked and focused. Well, he was naked and I was focused and without a diaper on, learning happened very quickly.

But there are still accidents, puddles dripping from pants and sudden anxious shrieking from the backseat, when we're stuck in a traffic jam. Nights are a whole new ball of wax, one I haven't started to burn yet.

So I've been doing more research, and I came across Stephanie Brown's very useful column on the "Don'ts" of potty training. I like the part about not listening to anyone when it comes to potty training and I'm also taking heed on her wise words to not make accidents into a big deal. And I just discovered that About.com actually has a seven day e-course on potty training -- you can get tips delivered daily in your inbox about the complexities of pooping in a toilet. How inspirational!

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