Jennifer Lopez trotting out the babies on TLC

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After Jennifer Lopez' high-profile relationship with Ben Affleck went so publicly wrong, she got smart about her personal life. Post-Bennifer, she kept a much lower profile and seemed to have learned that her private life is best kept private. She quietly hooked up with Marc Anthony and together those two found happiness just outside the glare of the spotlight.

And then came the babies and a big-money deal with People for exclusive photos of the newborn twins. Hmmm. She couldn't possibly need the money, so why on earth would she do that? It could it be that she's just so proud of her beautiful little babies that she wants to show them off. But my money is on a different theory: Jennifer Lopez misses the attention.

That theory is backed up by the news that Jennifer is now set to star in a new television show on TLC. It's a reality show and it is all about - you guessed it - JLo's personal life. Lopez is the star and co executive producer of the show which promises to "deliver a slice of [Lopez's] life that audiences have never seen before, as she takes on her career and launches a new fragrance while trying to juggle her new responsibilities as a first time mom."

I know Jennifer Lopez is a celebrity and seeking attention is what she does. But I just cannot get my head around her desire to put her kids on display like this. She herself has acknowledged the need for privacy when it comes to living a normal life. Why wouldn't she want her kids to have that privacy?

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