Trend alert: dressing like celebrities' kids?

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Do you ever get the feeling that those who predict trends aren't actually seeing into the future as much as they are attempting to shape it? That is how I feel about this press release that excitedly exclaims that moms everywhere are rushing to dress their children like celebrities' kids. They aren't talking about the fashion influence of kids who are famous in their own right. No, they are referring to copying the children of famous people

Mosnar Communications insists that "parents view dressing their kids like celebrity kids as one of the hottest spring fashion trends of the season." In support of this, the press release quotes Cataunya Ransom, co-founder of the very same PR firm: "I am honored to have a very beautiful daughter and I love dressing her up in celebrity brands for kids."

For Ransom, the celebrity kids she copies are those of Kimora Lee Simmons, who apparently has a reality show in which her two daughters feature prominently. According to Ransom, her two-year-old daughter Charm is "drawn to the brand Baby Phat" which Simmons' daughters wear on the show. It just so happens that Baby Phat is Simmons' own line of children's clothing, but that is coincidental I am sure.

Buying expensive, brand-name clothing for your children is one thing. If you can afford it and it makes you happy, why not? But does this kind of trend hype really work? Do you now want to go out and buy your kid some pricey, celebrity parent-approved clothing?

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