Student teacher creates bomb threat hoax to get out of class

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An Indiana student teacher has been accused of emailing in a report of a false bomb threat so that she wouldn't have to report for duty the next day. Jennifer Kay Fritz, 24, sent in an anonymous email detailing a scene she witnessed -- a group of teenage boys with handguns making threats against the school. Perry Heights Middle School was under lock down for several days, with officers on campus for the duration.

When the email was eventually tied to Ms. Fritz, she admitted to sending it, but continued to claim that the report was factual. Eventually, it came out that she had lied so that she wouldn't have to come in to her student teaching assignment the next day. It's not clear whether she had already been teaching in the building or whether the assignment was a new one.

I'm guessing that Ms. Fritz will have a difficult time landing a teaching job in the near future, which is probably for the best for everyone involved.


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