New shoes grow with kids' feet

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I'm raising a couple of shoe shoppers. Whether it's glittery ballet flats or flashing tennis shoes, my girls just can't get enough of footwear. I let them try on shoes to their heart's content, but limit purchasing to only the necessary one or two pairs per season.

In general, my kids wear out their shoes before they grow out of them. But parents of kids with fast growing feet know what a pain in the pocketbook new shoes can be. American inventor Hank Miller has tried to solve that problem with the INCHworm trainers. These shoes have special technology that let them expand up to two half sizes, meaning that kids can wear them longer before they need a new pair.

The shoes weren't popular with American shoe manufacturers, so INCHworms are currently only available in Britain. They also aren't cheap -- nearly $100 American. At that price, the INCHworms might not save you any money in the long run, depending on how much you normally spend on shoes. I'm also pretty sure they don't come in pink glitter or flashing Princess, which would place them at the bottom of the shoe heap at my house. Still, inventive, don't you think?

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