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Children who start school with absolutely no reading skills are at a considerable academic disadvantage, even at the kindergarten level.

One way to help is to give your child a head start at home. See Me Read is a simple and basic literacy program that can be used prior to or in conjunction with any preschool or kindergarten program that focuses on phonics. Best of all it's simple and you don't need a teaching degree to use it!

The See Me Read Kit #1 consists of laminated flashcards, labels and a simple book that are all illustrated with photos you've downloaded of your child interacting with the words you've selected from the list on the See Me Read website. Already this program has the old Dick and Jane reader beat because your beginning reader is the star of the show!

Placing the labels near the objects they represent helps emergent readers make the connection between the grouping of letters and the physical object (like Anne Sullivan did with Helen Keller by pour water in her hand and then signing "water" over and over) the laminated cards on a ring help children understand these letters represent the objects even when they aren't present (the photos help provide a clue as to word is) and the paperback book is a simple, repetitive story that incorporates the same words and photos used on the flashcards and labels.

Could you do the same thing at home with your computer and printer? Sure! However, being able to do something and actually doing it are two different things.

The paper, laminating, and professional look about everything in the kit is of a very high quality. And even though $59 is a lot of money, the sturdy materials and time saved from creating a similar program yourself might be worth it.

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