Oregon school wants students to shave off their eyebrows

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At least four students at an Oregon high school have fallen victim to a rather unfortunate fashion trend: vertical lines shaved into the eyebrows. This look was popularized by hip-hopper Soulja Boy, but police say gang members have adopted it for themselves. Because of this gang connection, school officials at Centennial High School have prohibited these students with self-inflicted bare spots in their eyebrows from attending classes.

"We don't dictate policy for any schools," Officer David Schmidt of the East Multnomah County Gang Enforcement Team said. "We just tell them what we see the latest trends are. This is a way for them to identify each other. In a school setting, it intimidates other kids."

Until somebody invents an eyebrow toupee, the only way to get rid of the so-called gang symbols is to shave the eyebrows entirely. And that is exactly what school officials want these students to do. One student found a way around that by putting band aids on the eyebrows. That student has returned to school, but the other three are still sitting out, presumably waiting for their hair to grow.

One of the students, Andy Gonzalez, claims he's not a gang member and only shaved his brows to impress girls. I wonder how impressed the girls will be when he shows up with NO eyebrows.

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