Half of sect's teen girls are pregnant or already mothers

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You didn't have to be a mother to feel the anguish that the children and mothers of the the FLDS sect were feeling when over 400 children were removed from their compound recently.

Like Kristin and many others, I was conflicted over whether the state of Texas had done the right thing. It's no small thing, removing children from their parents, especially when so many of them were babies and young children. But as I watched video after video of the mothers in television interviews, I was struck by how vague and evasive their answers were. It made me wonder, what is really going on here?

Today, a few answers have started coming out. CNN is reporting that of the 53 girls between the ages of 14 and 17 that were taken from the ranch, over half are pregnant or are already mothers. This seems to be in direct conflict with information given by the sect, that teen girls were not forced into spiritual marriages.

In that same teen age range there are only 17 boys in custody. Among kids under the age of 13, there's a pretty even split of boys and girls on the ranch, but this low ratio of boys to girls in the teen years seems to lend credence to the rumor that boys (coined "lost boys") are kicked out of the group once they reach a certain age.

Obviously, the sect has some explaining to do. But instead of doing so, they're claiming that the girls are actually adults and that the state is wrong when they say they are minors. It's a question a simple birth certificate could answer, but I have a feeling that nothing in this case is going to be simple.

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