Jennifer Lopez NOT trotting out the babies on TLC

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Despite what people are saying (myself included), Jennifer Lopez's rep says the star is not about to make television stars out of her children.

The confusion is understandable. Last week TLC released press materials describing the planned 'docuseries' featuring Lopez as one that will "deliver a slice of [Lopez's] life that audiences have never seen before, as she takes on her career and launches a new fragrance while trying to juggle her new responsibilities as a first-time mom."

Today, we have her manager chiming in with clarification. "The recent show Jennifer Lopez plans to produce for TLC is not a reality show," says Simon Fields. "It's a show that will track the creation, production and eventual launch of a new fragrance. Jennifer will appear in a creative, entrepreneurial capacity and will absolutely not feature her children and family life."

I am glad that Lopez isn't going to be exploiting her children but am now wondering just who will watch this new show. Frankly, seeing Lopez working in a "creative, entrepreneurial capacity" sounds a little boring to me. Where's the drama in that?

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