Boy scout finds wallet, returns $800

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In what could be seen as a karmic turn of events, an eleven-year-old boy scout returned a wallet containing $800 and then had his own returned to him. Hailing from Michigan, J.R. Bouterse, got his own wallet back after publicity arose from his kind action.

Last month Jessica Cutler lost her wallet in a church parking lot. Bouterse lost his at an Easter egg hunt, where it was found by Nancy Bosse and her granddaughter. Even though there was no ID in Bouterse's wallet, somehow Bosse managed to track him down after hearing about Bouterse.

Rather than accepting the reward collected for his good deed by the Michigan State Police, Bouterse asked that the money be used to buy pizza for his boy scout troupe. Also in attendance at the party was surprise guest Jessica Cutler, the owner of the other lost wallet.

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