Pregnancy food cravings more common than before

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What are all you pregnant women eating out there? A recent survey by found that one third of respondents reported craving non-food items such as coal, soap, toothpaste, and sponges. Tell me, what happened to pickles and ice cream?

Eating non-food items during pregnancy (or anytime, really) is known as pica. It's of course, generally recommended that you stay away from non-food items that could be toxic (coal? really?) and try safer items, like ice, instead.

Beyond soap and sponges, women in general were far more likely to report having food cravings during pregnancy than in generations past. Up to 75% of women reported a strong desire for one food or another, while 50 years ago, that number sat at about 30%. Experts don't have an explanation for this trend, except possibly that food is just easier to come by now than it was then.

What about you -- did you have strong cravings during pregnancy? What's the weirdest thing you craved?

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