Linea negra

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Pop Sugar recently polled readers about getting linea negra, the condition many pregnant women get wherein a dark , vertical line appears on their swollen baby bellies from their pubic area up to their belly buttons (and sometimes beyond).

I would take that question one step further and ask readers not only about experiencing linea negra but whether or not theirs ever went away. Some gals, it turns out, have a rather permanent reminder of their pregnancy days.

Technically speaking, the line that is linea negra is always present--it's just the same color as the rest of the surrounding skin. During the second trimester, an increase in hormones estrogen and progesterone cause the line to darken to a brownish shade which then fades, most of the time, at some point after the pregnancy.

Mine faded, but I can't say when. I just sort of noticed it wasn't there one day. I never minded having it, either. It was sort of a road map in pregnancy to me, a sign that all was progressing as normal (whatever that is!). Some gals, however, don't care for it.

Staying out of the sun and getting enough folic acid are thought to help decrease the likelihood of linea negra. There is also some discussion as to whether there may be a link between the condition and insulin.

What about you--did you get linea negra? And, did it fade or do you have a permanent keepsake (other than your darling baby) from your pregnancy?

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