Pregnancy fact or fiction?

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Now that I've found myself plum in the middle of my second pregnancy, I thought it might be interesting to really take a look at all those wives tales we're always being reminded of when we find ourselves in the family way. The first pregnancy for me I was totally freaked out and had no chance at being able to separate fact from fiction--between what I read online and in books and magazines, what I was told by friends and family--and, ok, let's face it, complete strangers who for some reason are more than willing to share their pregnancy/birth experiences--and what information I got from my OBGYNs, I was basically confused. TMI (too much information) took on a whole new meaning.

I wanted to believe what my doctors told me--but, hey, they're not always right. Prime example? Caffeine. My first pregnancy I was told I could have up to two cups of caffeinated beverages such as coffee a day with no problem. This was even though I'd heard otherwise. Now, in pregnancy two (electric boogaloo), we're all reading about how caffeine is a no no (again), especially in the first trimester. Guess what--the info I got from my OBGYNs was the same.

Then there are all the hair-brained things we read on the Internet. I told a friend of mine who was having a rough pregnancy to just STOP reading ANYTHING on the Internet as it was all terrifying her. It did me, too. Hey--you never know--there are many times when the sages of the Internet speak the truth, or at least a version of it. So, who and what to believe as we--and I, as I go through pregnancy two--navigate our way through pregnancy and impending parenthood? Hard to say. My goal with this min-series, called "Pregnancy fact or fiction" is to not necessarily answer the questions, but rather to explore them and the multiple answers we find when we go looking,

Some of the old wives tales I whip out may seem unconventional or downright crazy, but so is the science of having a baby. Just think how complicated conception can be, and, coupled with the lack of knowledge we still have after all these years about how women and pregnancy, it's easy to see where some of those strange ideas came from...especially when the results continued to support the theory, scientific or otherwise!

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