Triplets for mom who lost three

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A year ago, Lori Coble was sitting in traffic on Interstate 5 in Southern California when a big rig rear-ended her minivan at an estimated 55-60 mph. Lori and her mother were injured, but her three children, five-year-old Kyle, four-year-old Emma, and Katie, just two years old, were killed in the horrific crash. Like the Phoenix of legend, the Coble family has risen from the ashes of tragedy to be reborn.

In an amazing coincidence, Lori Coble has just given birth to triplets, two girls and a boy. Of course, Ashley, Ellie and Jake, all born about a minute apart, are not a replacement for Kyle, Emma, and Katie, but it is interesting that the three triplets are two girls and one boy, just as the their first three children were.

"It's kind of a two-sided coin," said Chris Coble, when he found out his wife was pregnant with triplets last October. "We feel amazed that it's happening, but at the same time we're still mourning Kyle, Emma and Katie. Nothing will ever replace them. We feel joy for what's happening, but we're crying and missing the kids."

I'm sure nothing will ever replace the three children they lost a year ago, but hopefully the couple will find renewed happiness in their three new bundles of joy.

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