Does Joe Simpson want to ruin Ashlee's marriage, too?

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There are many who believe that the marriage of Jessica Simpson and Nick Lachey was doomed the moment they let a camera crew into their home. During a time when most young couples are quietly and privately settling into their newly acquired domestic bliss, these two were starring in Newlyweds. The whole point of that show was to invade their privacy and it makes sense that the presence of cameras would create some strain on the relationship. In the end, the marriage failed and the couple sadly went their separate ways.

There is at least one person who doesn't see a connection between the failed marriage and the intrusion of the cameras: Jessica's dad, Joe Simpson. As Jessica's manager, Joe was the man responsible for making Newlyweds happen and sources say he's now seeing dollar signs when he looks at his younger daughter, Ashlee. Ashlee recently became engaged to Pete Wentz and rumor has it that she is with child. Kaching!

In my opinion, another reality show featuring a Simpson marriage sounds like a snooze-fest, but apparently Papa Joe thinks otherwise. "He knows that no one cared about Jessica before her reality show, and he's hoping a show for Ashlee will have the same effect," a source says.

By "same effect", I am sure he means popularity and ratings, not divorce. At any rate, a publicist for Ashlee and Pete says it isn't true and that the couple have no plans to star in a Newlyweds 2. But that same publicist says Ashlee isn't pregnant, so who knows.

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