Launch of a new ParentDish!

For several months now, we've been working behind the scenes here at ParentDish. Our goal: a fresh, dynamic update to our beloved old blog. We're now the official online parenting destination for AOL Living.

You'll notice some obvious changes right away: a sleek new color palette and logo, streamlined categories and easy links to dynamic content. We're also introducing new features and easy-to-navigate bundles for those of you looking for information on specific topics, like breastfeeding, sibling number two, celebrity parents behaving very badly, and more.

We've tried to keep the stuff you've told us you love, and we'll continue to be a place where discussions can be held and opinions can be aired. We hope to provoke thought, provide insight, and be a daily destination point for all parents -- all while looking much more polished than before. Welcome to the new ParentDish, we're very excited to have you here!

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