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Yesterday, summer lurked in the air. It was the first day I could smell the mini daisies in bloom on lush April-rained grass, in the air I located the tinge of barbecue, summer night swims, and sea-salt crusted legs. I turned off my computer a little earlier than usual and slapped SPF four million on the pasty paleness of my son and I: we were going to walk down to the beach, inhale the promise-filled air.

We were about halfway down the rolling hill to a small ocean-front park when a dark blue station wagon almost knocked us clean off the road, halting haphazardly on his brakes at the last possible section. I don't know why, but our quiet residential street does not have sidewalks. We need to walk tight to the grass of the houses when we're going anywhere. Though traffic is light, there are a lot of blind corners, and this particular station wagon has almost knocked us over before.
Resisting my instinctive urge to flip him the bird, I instead took my son by the hand and stepped out into the road so I could follow what house Mr. Inconsiderate Driver belonged to. I'd seen him speeding on numerous occasions and that near-miss was too close to home: I was going to drop him a note.

The walk to the beach was beautiful after that -- both Nolan and I have a little sun on our noses -- but I was a little angst filled about the impending note. I wanted to be polite and not passive aggressive and avoid provoking any anger.

Dear Neighbor,
I wrote, I've noticed that you're in a hurry around these quiet streets at times and this afternoon you came pretty close to hitting my son and me. I wanted to respectfully ask you to slow down, if you don't mind, as my son and I take frequent walks around here and there are no sidewalks.

Now that I look at it, it seems a little lame. Once a speeder always a speeder? If anything, this reminds me to take it very easy in residential neighborhoods myself -- you never know what's around that corner
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