Mariah to mommy?

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First she married, now she wants to mommy? Mariah Carey, the woman who recently claimed the act of motherhood would violate her but who has now found the soulmate she's always been searching for wants babies.

According to reports, Mimi is planning for children in the months ahead with new husband Nick Cannon. According to the Daily News, the 39-year-old Grammy winner is moving forward with plans to bring some mini-Mimis into the world, wasting no time in listening to her biological clock.

Carey reveals that her marriage, which she claims was planned and not out of the blue, was all part of her mommy plan. Says Carey, "It's part of the whole purpose of getting married." She also goes on to say she wants her kids to have the best childhood and upbringing possible. I'm elated by all this just imagining hearing that voice in the halls of the maternity ward during Mimi's final stages of pushing! Or, better yet, will she be wearing stilettos???

Good luck, Mariah!


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