When I was your age: Sharing your life experiences with your teen

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Last summer, sitting on a beach together, my closest college friend and I watched our four little ones splash in the water together. As we laughed together over old times, we wondered if our kids would ever be able to get anything past us. Looking at them then, building sand castles, all youth and innocence, it was hard to imagine them even trying.

But some day, they'll be tweens, then teens, then (gulp) college students and adults. And at some point, they're likely going to ask us some pretty difficult questions. They say that experience is the best teacher, but is sharing your own life experiences really the best way to teach your child a life lesson? Or does telling your kids that you [fill in your own inappropriate/dangerous/illegal behavior here] just give them license to try it themselves?

Among the experts, advice seems to be absent and what little there is is mixed. But the Washington Post has an excellent article exploring the topic and the pros and cons of sharing this kind of heavy information with your kid. What do you think?

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