A goodbye and a welcome

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On the dashboard of the software that powers ParentDish, there's a little box that tells each blogger how many words and how many posts he or she has written.

The dashboard tells me tonight: you have written 527,463 words and 1854 posts. That is a lot of words; that's an unfathomable amount of posts.

I started writing here to supplement my income when things were tight financially during my maternity leave with my infant. My son was just a tiny baby, not yet walking, not yet talking. This blog has taken me through Nolan's first steps, my many parenting blunders, and provided me with perspective and sustenance during what was certainly the most emotionally wrenching year of my life. During my tenure here, in the beginning, I was my fiance's partner -- now I am just my son's Mother. We're doing so well, our hearts are full, I'm on a journey of learning to be a better parent.

Your comments, over the years, have helped immeasurably. I consider many of you friends, and sometimes I lie awake in bed thinking about Anji's suggestion or Meagan's words of solidarity and your sharing has helped me be a better Mother -- and in many instances, a better person. Even some of the crazy trolls have helped -- I've grown a thicker skin, become more secure in my own convictions and strength.

This is a slightly long winded way...

of saying goodbye. I've decided that I need to start writing less, take yoga classes more, shut down the computer and slip through the summer forest dusk with my son's fingers wrapped in mine . I need to stress less about one more post, one more headline, and soak up more of the fading light of Nolan's smallness.

Thanks, all of you, who've read and commented on my posts over the last two years. I appreciate you more than I can properly express. I'll still be around the blogosphere, undoubtedly popping up here and there. If you want, leave me your email address and I'll let you know where I'm at so we can keep in touch. I'm around here for another week, but mostly behind the scenes rather than on the writing frontlines.

Oh! And one last, highly important tidbit: the fabulous Susan Wagner will be returning to ParentDish as the new Lead Blogger. And if you know anything about Susan, you'll know I'm leaving you in absurdly capable hands. One light fades, another dawns -- treat her gently for me, OK?

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