Denise Richards: argument over vaccinations ended marriage

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When Denise Richards and Charlie Sheen broke up way back when, many speculated that playboy Charlie had been caught doing something he shouldn't have been doing. There may or may not be something to that theory, but according to Denise Richards, the final straw in the relationship had nothing to do with another woman. She says it was an ugly disagreement over vaccinations that made her realize her marriage wasn't going to work.

Denise says that when she decided to vaccinate four-year-old daughter Sam, Charlie accused her of poisoning their child. "I knew when he said that, that the marriage wasn't going to work," she tells Rebook magazine.

While that does seem a little harsh, I've seen first hand right here at Parent Dish how the subject of vaccinations can divide parents. In the end, the best we can do is agree to disagree. But when mom and dad have different opinions, things can get a little more complicated. Have you and your partner found yourselves on different sides of the vaccination debate? How did you work it out?


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