Michelle Duggar pregnant Again!

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Apparently the Duggar clan hasn't quite filled that quiver! Michelle Duggar, matriarch of the popular Discovery Channel program "The Duggars" and mother to seventeen children managed to surprise the entire lot live on the Today Show when she announced that once again she is expecting.

The latest addition to the burgeoning brood is expect to make an appearance around New Year's Day. It's a Duggar tradition that each of the children have a name that starts with J. So far the Duggar family tree includes: Jennifer, Johannah, Jackson, Justin, James, Jason, Jeremiah, Jedidiah, Joy-Anna, Josiah, Joseph, Jinger, Jessa, Jill, John-David, Jana, and Joshua.

In case the Duggars are suffering a naming dilemma, I've put together a handy poll of some hip and cool J-names. Which do you like for the upcoming baby?

Possible Boy Names for the Upcoming Duggar
Justin (as in Timberlake! He'll bring sexy back!)50 (8.9%)
Jonah -Biblical and Nickelodeon-esque199 (35.5%)
Joel - meaningful as Duggars all learn to play the piano and Billy Joel IS the piano man!134 (23.9%)
Joaquim -Starts with the required letter AND sounds cool!43 (7.7%)
Jordan -An athlete AND a holy river!134 (23.9%)

Possible Girl Names for the Upcoming Duggar
Jasmine - fragrant and a Disney character!168 (24.2%)
Juliet - safe choice as a Romeo wouldn't stand a chance with so many older brothers269 (38.7%)
JLo - Don't be fooled by the rocks that she's got!19 (2.7%)
Juno- Academy Award nominated name28 (4.0%)
Jordan - works for a girl as well as a boy!211 (30.4%)

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