Swaddling a baby

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I've always wished I had detachable arms because they always got in the way when I try to sleep. (Of course, I've never solved the problem of how one would get them reattached when one woke up, but I'm still working on it.) Babies, according to just about everyone, have a similar issue. They prefer to be wrapped up with their arms tucked in tight at their sides.

This is called swaddling a baby. We did this for our first two and I assumed that I would remember how to do it for our third who was born earlier this week. Alas, I am old and forgetful, so the process didn't come back to me. Now, I could have just asked a nurse to show me how to do it, but being the complete nerd that I am, I turned instead to the internet. There are quite a few videos on YouTube that demonstrate various ways to swaddle an infant.

The one that I like best is the ultra swaddle, although the blankets at the hospital weren't long enough to do it right. If you're using a really big blanket, the Baby Burrito video makes it look pretty easy. Taking the simple swaddle one step further, this video uses a second blanket to create a burka-like wrap that seems pretty secure. Lastly, here's a fun pastime for new parents and their friends -- a swaddle battle. See who can swaddle the kid the best, the fastest, and the most successfully.

After watching all these videos, you'd think I'd be a swaddle master, but unfortunately, I'm not. It's not all my fault, however; I have a very uncooperative partner -- one who likes to wave his arms about and kick his legs like mad. Still, I'll keep practicing and, someday, I'll get it right. Probably right about the time he's ready to go off to college.

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