Prom dress gets student arrested

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That's right--she didn't get banned from the prom or kicked out of school--she was actually arrested! Marche Taylor was escorted from the prom in handcuffs after she appeared on the premises in a scantily-clad outfit that served as her prom dress. And, to answer your question, yes, you would see nipple.

It's been a long time since I've been to a prom, so I can hardly say what's acceptable and what not, but after checking out the duds I have to say it seems a little...well, too little! Marche didn't actually make it into the event, and was stopped in the lobby of the local Marriott before she was able to get into the actual prom.

Taylor was advised she'd violated school dress code. After she offered to cover up she was still denied entry into the prom. According to Taylor, her choices were few: go to jail or go home. Luckily, she wasn't charged and was eventually released.

It's sad to hear of a young woman denied the chance to attend what should be one of a teen's most memorable experiences. While prom is never the way we expect it to be, I hardly think Marche Taylor could have imagined her evening would turn out that way. I imagine the chaperones who saw her dress weren't expecting that either!

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