Father and son graduate law school together

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When the time comes for a child to leave home and go out into the world, many parents find they don't quite know what to do with themselves. To ease the loneliness of an empty nest, some parents might get a dog, begin traveling more or sell the house and downsize. A dad in Utah found an even better way to keep himself occupied and to stay connected to his law school bound son: he went to school with him.

58-year-old Tom McLelland says he had been thinking about getting a law degree for years and decided to go for it when his son Ryan enrolled in Ohio Northern University. Some young adults might not appreciate having dad along for the ride when going away to school, but Ryan saw it as a plus. "We could help each other a lot better," he said.

The pair graduated together this past Sunday and have plans to return to their home state of Utah to open a practice together. Tom hopes to work in labor and employment law while Ryan, who is a father himself, plans to focus on family law.

"I'm a little nervous," Tom said. "I'm looking forward to a new challenge in life."


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