Junior politician practices the important parts

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Thirteen-year-old Ralph Hardy wants to be a politician some day. In order to prepare for that role in society, he's already begun practicing some of the well-known aspects of the position -- he swiped his father's credit card, ordered up some food and hookers, and settled in for a party in his hotel room.

The Texas teen had his father's credit card company send him an extra card and then ran up a $30,000 bill, ending up in a hotel room with some friends, a couple of call girls, and an Xbox. The boys played "Halo," a shoot-em-up video game with the girls, a choice, sadly, I probably would have made as well when I was a teenager.

The jig was up, however, after a delivery man told police that the teens had asked him where to find some girls when he arrived to deliver Dr. Pepper, Fritos, and Oreos. Ralph told police that the scheme would be okay with his dad because his father had not had a chance to get him a birthday present. The dad had been planning a surprise trip to Disneyland.

It seems to me that when he gets a little older, Ralph Hardy will fit in just fine in the world of politics. At thirteen, he's already mastered part of the job that seems to occupy most of a politician's time.

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