TomKat pregnancy rumor mill spinning again

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MSN is reporting, as they and many other media outlets before them have been since Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes had their first offspring, that the TomKat super couple is planning another baby. this will be at least the fifth time I've read such a thing, which in my mind is really nothing more than speculation.

Not so, says a source who revealed all to E News: "[Katie] said she's got "the itch." I don't think they mean poison ivy. Apparently Mrs. Cruise is longing for another infant in the house. The insider also said Katie felt Suri would make a good big sister. It is alleged that Katie was the one who wanted to hold off on having more children, not Tom--until now.

All eyes are once again on Katie's stomach--did she eat a sandwich? Is she having a fat day?? Is she--OMG, pregnant??? Not that those eyes ever left her stomach in the first place. Well, if they are in the planning phases of having a new baby, good luck, Cruises! Hopefully they'll be able to keep things under wraps until they're ready to share such news with the world...and the paparazzi!

Pic of Katie pre-TomKat by mricon.


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