Co-sleeping: Bad habit or fact of life?

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Tomorrow night, my mother-in-law is visiting. Lucky her, she gets the bottom (full-sized) bunk, being that it's the only guest bed we currently have in the house. I plan on sticking my three-year-old in with us, but gave my five-year-old the option of sleeping on the top bunk or camping out in our room.

"Oh, I'll sleep in my own bed. It's where all my babies are."

Do you know how long I've waited to hear those words? FIVE YEARS. Still, shortly after I got done jumping for joy, I felt sad. My chronic co-sleeper didn't want to sleep with me anymore. Isn't motherhood weird?

For me, co-sleeping was just a habit I fell into out of pure exhaustion. Though I kept them in a co-sleeper when they were babies, they learned as toddlers that if they boomeranged back from their crib to my bed enough times in a night, I'd eventually lift up my covers and let them in.

According to CNN, I was creating what is known as a bad habit. I'm just a parent, not a parenting expert, but something tells me tonight -- with two kids snoozing upstairs who now stay in their beds until eight o'clock every morning (I know, you're jealous, aren't you?), kids who now choose their baby dolls to cuddle with instead of me -- that I won't ever regret those nights spent sleeping next to a perpendicular toddler who kicks me in the ribs.

Still, if you want to evict your kiddo from your bed or fix one of three other less-than-attractive habits (whining, anyone?), the parenting experts over at CNN can help you out.

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