It's summertime and the swimsuits are skimpy

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At what age would you consider it appropriate for a young girl to wear a skimpy bathing suit? Before you answer that, let's define skimpy. For me, that would be anything with high-cut legs, low-cut waist and/or tiny triangles covering the upper body. I don't consider myself a prude, but I think little girls should look like little girls and not flat-chested Victoria's Secret models. And while I know that swimsuits by their very nature reveal lots of skin, I think a child's suit should not necessarily resemble a tiny version of an adult suit.

Unfortunately, finding the right suit requires trying on a lot of wrong suits. Wrong suits that my 7-year-old desperately wants, of course. I won last year's battle of the swimsuit and have every intention of winning again this year. After all, I hold the credit card and therefore the power.

I am now gearing up to do battle again, but this year I am previewing selections online first. It is important to try a suit on of course, but looking online beforehand helps me avoid stores where we might run into something like this. Or even this.

I recognize that appropriateness is sometimes in the eye of the beholder, but I also know what I feel comfortable with. What about you? How do you feel about little girls wearing little bikinis?

Perfectly nice swimsuits for girls(click thumbnails to view gallery)

One-Piece With SkirtPuma TankiniDouble Strapped One-PieceFloral Tankini with ShortsFlower Bikini

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