Shania Twain and husband divorcing

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I have always found Shania Twain's life story to be quite inspiring. Raised by her mother and stepfather, Shania and her siblings grew up poor in Timmins, Ontario. She was well on her way to a singing career when both parents were tragically killed in a car accident in 1987. 22-year-old Shania put her career on hold to care for her younger siblings and supported them by performing for audiences at a resort near Huntsville, Ontario. She got noticed there and eventually landed a recording contract. Her first album wasn't terribly successful, but it did catch the attention of producer Mutt Lange, who took her under his wing. Together, they made Shania a star.

Twain not only found success with Lange, she found a husband. The two married in 1993 and had a son, Eja, in 2001. Sadly, their 13-year marriage has hit a rough spot and yesterday Twain's record label announced that the couple is separating. "This is a private matter and there will be no further comment at this time," said Twain's spokesperson at Universal Music Group Nashville.

We all love fairy-tale endings and it sure looked like Shania had found hers. For Eja's sake, I hope these two can work out their differences and continue to make beautiful music together.

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