Are you smarter than an eighth grader?

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Well, can you at least spell better than one? Here's a good way to find out. MSN Encarta, one of my favorite sites for educational diversions (if there can be such a thing) is offering a spelling test for you to find out. Encarta is a great escape that also lets you know how much you may or may not remember from your school days (you know, way back when?).

There are only ten questions. To some that may mean a lot of pressure and to others not so much. I remember when I lost a spelling contest. I was actually in the 4th grade, not even the 8th, and was one of only two competitors left. I misspelled "diá," the Spanish word for "day" because I misplaced the accent mark.

I guess spelling is ultimately not just about words, but about attention to detail. It also proves you can't trust any of the English-language rules about letters coming before or after each other, silent letters and all that other stuff that befuddles us as we make our way through school.

So, how did I do on the quiz? I'll be honest. I got them all right, but I had a little help from my husband on one of them!

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