High food prices lead to growth in backyard gardens

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Barbara Kingsolver's Animal Vegetable Miracle inspired me this spring to add on to my small garden patch and put in a full-fledged and fairly large vegetable garden. I spent last weekend planting tiny little carrots, caging tomatoes, and training sweet peas onto a string, then stood back to admire my work. I fully intend to be standing at that same spot in August, wondering how the whole thing got away from me.

I'm not the only one trying to grow her own food this summer. The double whammy of $4 per gallon gasoline and skyrocketing food prices have people running for their compost bins. Nearly 40% of people with backyards responded to a poll done by the Garden Writers Association, saying they intended to plant a garden this spring. Food safety and sustainable living are other issues that are inspiring people to get their hands dirty.

Rising food prices weren't my main reason for bribing my husband to dig up the backyard planting a garden, but they certainly do sting. I'll be happy to pass up the produce section of my local supermarket for the summer...that is, if I manage to actually grow something edible.

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