School's out -- and guess who's coming back home?

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Your baby bird left the next last fall. Sure, it was hard. But over the last nine or ten months you've stretched your wings and found that life after raising kids really does exist.

Just when you start to get comfortable, though, maybe even consider redecorating a corner or two of your now larger nest, comes a knock at your door.

Your baby bird has returned; it's summer vacation.

Parents often look forward to their teens return from their first year away at school. But both parties often quickly realize that things have changed. College students are used to taking care (or not taking care) of themselves. Parents have gotten used to their new routine and may be startled by the addition of another adult in the house.

Even if you have a "perfect" relationship with your college teen, Zen Habits has a few tips for making this first summer home a happy time with smooth transitions, for everyone.


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