Kicking Daddy out of bed

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When you have a baby you are automatically inducted into the cult of people-who-will-sleep-anywhere-at-all. Welcome. It's a lovely place, really. Especially if you're Daddy, and you're on night duty. Or maybe you're not on night duty, and you're in the way and snoring.

Before having a baby, I had no idea how frequently spouses spent their nights on the guest bedroom pull-out, on the couch downstairs, or in their child's princess bed.

It's the Murphy's law of parenting the young child. Where you end up, and how you end up there, might be different, but the fact remains the same: you will end up sleeping somewhere else not once, but many times, in the span of your child's young life.

In our household, co-sleeping was something we were into when our son was small, so when we realized our three-year old was still waking up in the middle of the night (night terrors) seeking consolation, we bought a king-sized bed and told him to come crawl into our bed in the middle of the night, instead of trekking to his room, where one of us would invariably end up sleeping.

But co-sleeping, like anything else in the realm of parenting, is something that some parents are totally for, and others are totally against. And many of my friends who say they are totally against co-sleeping because of what it might do to their marital relationship, end up booting their husbands out of bed. So that hubby can get better sleep. So that there is more room in bed. So that no one will have to listen to hubs snoring. So that maybe, just maybe he'll forget all about sex. Or whatever.

And apparently this is not as unusual as one might guess. According to some sources, by 2015 60% of custom homes will be built with dual master bedrooms. Does your spouse end up sleeping somewhere else?

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