Yearbook company alters students' photos

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Students at a Texas High School were surprised recently when they opened their new yearbooks and found that many of their pictures had been altered. Students heads were placed on different bodies, necks were stretched out of proportion, and one girl complained that her photo had been altered to make it look like she wasn't wearing a shirt.

A case of Photoshoppers Gone Wild? Not so, says Lifetouch, the company who printed the yearbooks. They say an employee had shown "an unfortunate lapse in judgment" (you think?) in response to the high school's difficult demands. McKinney High School had requested that all student pictures in the yearbook have the same size head and eyes set at the same level.

The employee should be grateful they didn't work on my high school year book. "Make sure each boy's mullet is at least four inches longer in the back than in the front, and that each girl has at least three inches of high bangs, hair-sprayed straight up." On second thought, no photo alterations would have been necessary.

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