Teen saves five-year-old from surf

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John Palencar is but sixteen years old, and yet he has already experienced much. He's taken a cruise with his family to the Bahamas, spent a day at the beach in Nassau, and saved a drowning five-year-old's life. Palencar was hanging out with other tourists from the cruise ship at Cabbage Beach when he watched a wave carry the younger boy out to sea.

Leonardo Purchia had been playing in the surf with his older brother when the wave grabbed him. His parents tried to save him, but were nearly caught as well. Palencar saw what was happening and joined in the rescue. He was the first to reach Purchia and managed to keep the boy's head above water until someone else could take over and help him back to shore.

Palencar made it back to shore as well, where he threw up seawater and passed out. He ended up in the hospital for a day with pneumonia. The younger boy spent four days in the hospital as well, also with pneumonia. Back on the cruise ship, Palencar was honored by the ship's officers and he and his family were treated to a special dinner.

I'm very glad to hear that little Leonardo Purchia is okay and that John Palencar was there to help save him. Kudos to Palencar, and many thanks.

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