Welcome Paloma Pilar Duffy!


On Sunday, May 18th, we officially welcomed little Paloma Pilar Duffy into our family. She was 6.48 lbs and 19 inches.

She was welcomed home today by pink balloons tied to the family mailbox -- courtesy of her doting daddy. I was greeted by a dozen of the most beautiful pink roses I have ever seen waiting for me on the kitchen counter. What a guy!

Paloma is already devastatingly adored by her siblings who's favorite past times have now become 1. taking turns holding her, and 2. watching her nurse. Even after five kids, I totally understand their fascination.

Thank you to everyone who sent such lovely notes and e-mails wishing me well with the delivery. I look forward to getting back to my regular blogging schedule very soon. In the meantime, I will be resting, nursing and bonding with my little angel.

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