Nicole Kidman to pose nude

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The pregnant-and-nude photo trend has captured another celebrity. According to sources, seven-months-pregnant Nicole Kidman is planning to pose naked in all her pregnant glory for photographer Patrick Demarchelier. She hasn't done it yet because she's not quite pregnant enough. She wants to showcase her belly at its largest and therefore will wait until just before her due date to pose.

Judging by recent photos, Nicole Kidman is one of those women who don't even look pregnant when viewed from behind. Or from the front. You have to see her from the side to appreciate the fact that there is a baby on board. Basically, her pregnant belly looks like mine after a large meal. How does she do that?

As everyone knows, Kidman isn't the first celebrity to pose naked while pregnant. Demi Moore started the trend back in 1991 when she bared all for Vanity Fair magazine. Since then we've seen Britney, Christina and even Lisa Rinna. But what about regular moms? Did you post nude while pregnant? If so, where do you display that photo?

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