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Oh come on. We all saw Juno. Everyone knows the way you find a kid to adopt is to put an ad in the Penny Saver. Sheesh. So I guess not everyone actually saw that movie. A couple near Seattle, Washington tried a different approach recently. Noticing that their waitress was pregnant, they left their card with the tip. Along with their names and phone numbers, the card said "We wish to adopt a baby. We are a caring, happily married, financially secure and loving couple. We want to share our joy and love with a child."

For Julie Moore and her husband J.D. Ross, the card was an unpleasant surprise. "I was just shocked because they didn't say a word to me about being pregnant, ask me how my pregnancy is going or ask me if I was pregnant or anything," said Julie. "I don't wear a wedding ring at work. For them to assume I'm not married or that I'm working in a service industry that I maybe couldn't afford to have a child, I don't know, I felt there were too many assumptions there," she added.

As for her husband, he "thought it was really creepy." According to the prospective adoptive parent's lawyer, there haven't been any negative responses before, but I guess there haven't been any positive ones or they wouldn't still be looking. Perhaps they might be more successful with a less cheeky method?

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