Is Terrence Howard an overprotective father?

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Mr. Howard seems to think so! After reading this snippet on IMDB, I'm starting to think so too! Actor Terrence Howard, known best perhaps for those gorgeous eyes, has admitted to threatening to kill his daughter's boyfriend.

The Iron Man (and, my personal favorite, Hustle and Flow) star claims he did not approve of his fourteen-year-old daughter Aubrey's former boyfriend, stating, " picked a green fruit from the tree that's far from ripe." Howard also claims he expects his children to be obedient and has told Aubrey she will be cut out of any future inheritance should she go against his wishes.

Terrence also plans on taking his daughter out of the country for a trip this summer to allow the young man to start dating someone else to ensure the two don't go back to being an item. WOW. That DOES sound a tad over the top. Or, does it? I can't tell you how some of my male friends changed once they became fathers to little girls. Even my own husband, who is about to have his own Daddy's Little Girl, has already started commenting on bikinis seeming too small and that sort of thing. I don't envision him threatening to kill our daughter's boyfriend though!

Pic of a SMOKIN' Terrence Howard by umm.

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