Teen arrested for serving her mom salt

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I remember once when I was about twelve years old I got mad at my mother and kicked her. Right in the shin. The regret set in the moment my foot made contact with her leg. I don't remember my punishment, but the guilt I felt over assaulting the woman who gave me life stayed with me for a long time. She totally did not deserve that.

I am not proud of kicking my mother, but my momentary loss of control pales in comparison to what this 16-year-old Florida girl is accused of doing to her mother. It seems that her 39-year-old mom is allergic to many foods and carries an EpiPen with her at all times. After eating some food seasoned with salt, she had a severe reaction and became so ill she couldn't inject herself with the EpiPen, which would prevent her from entering anaphylactic shock. Teen daughter to the rescue! She took over and gave her mother the injection herself.

Except, it turns out that the salt was in the food because the teenager had intentionally put it there. Her 11-year-old little sister says she saw her do it and was afraid to speak up because big sis threatened to "beat her up until she was dead." Not only that, family members say this isn't the first time the girl has spiked her mother's food.

The teen doesn't deny it and tells police she just so unhappy at home and that her mom is always making her do chores and stuff. Plus, she took away her cell phone! Of course, now that she's been sent to juvenile detention and charged with aggravated domestic violence, she is very sorry. Tell it to the judge, sister.

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