Entertaining gadgets for kids on trips

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In addition to cookouts and sun tans, summer generally means some sort of travel. And whether you're taking plane, train, or automobile, there's nothing worse than scouring the depths of your purse to find something entertaining for bored kids.

The gadget gurus at Engadget have discovered five great products to keep your child too busy to even THINK about kicking the seat in front of them repeatedly. For three hours. Nonstop. While humming.

  1. The old stand-by: a travel DVD player (don't forget a set of headphones!)
  2. Hooked-on-Phonics Touch Screen Learner: great way to keep those developing reading skills sharp over the break!
  3. Small Worlds Preschool Laptop: might even help keep their sticky little fingers off your Mac or PC!
  4. Tiny Love Wonder Wheel: this toy for very young children is for car trips only as a "repetitive noise" is involved.
  5. Tomy's Gearation: kids of all ages will enjoy creating a working mechanism with the magnet-backed gears that attach to the magnetic board.

Any of these suggestions are more fun than my standby: having the kids McGuyver something with an old cough drop, a hair band and assorted grocery receipts and should help get you arrival at your final destination with minimal passenger meltdowns.

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