Moviefone's list of summer flicks for the whole family

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After a long and EXTREMELY snowy winter (at least up here in the northern latitudes) everyone gets a little punch drunk at the thought of summer. Cook outs! Camping! Bike rides! Hiking! Bare feet without fear of frostbite!!!

But what about those days of summer that aren't so terrific? The sweltering, humid, bug-infested, sunburned, or torrential rain days when you're stuck inside with kids who don't have school and have grown petulant with every plaything on the premises? THAT my friend, is when you head out to the nice, air-conditioned comfort of your local movie theater!

And because Hollywood is slowly getting the drift that sex in the city leads to children in the suburbs, this year there is a wide array of summer flicks suitable for popcorn munchers of all ages. The entertaining minds at MovieFone have compiled them all into one time-saving list and there is truly something for everyone!

Even the youngest of viewers will sit still for karate chopping panda bears, and bookworms will enjoy seeing their favorite characters come to life with big screen versions of An American Girls Adventure and the next installation of the Chronicles of Narnia series, as well as The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants 2.

Check out the list to find the perfect summer flick for your brood!


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