Too sweet? Organic baby formula

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Organic, by definition, means "not likely to harm our babies with pesticides or food additives." Ok, that's not the technical definition, but when many parents choose an organic product, they usually do so with their family's health and well-being in mind.

So when families choose Similac Organic formula to feed their babies, they know they're getting a product that's been created using all organic ingredients. What they might not realize, however, is that Similac Organic is made with cane sugar, or sucrose. Though other organic infant formula manufacturers use lactose, Similac has gone with the sweeter, and much more controversial sucrose.
The potential problem with cane sugar is exactly what makes it taste so good...its sweetness. Some experts worry that eating such a sweet formula early on can lead to tooth decay, overfeeding, or rapid weight gain, as well as a lifelong craving for sweeter foods. Others, including Similac and the FDA, say that sucrose is proven safe and that Similac Organic doesn't contain any more sweetener than other brands.

Whether or not you buy into the "sweet foods beget a sweet tooth" theory or not, stories like this one are a good reminder that reading the labels on the front of a product aren't enough anymore. When choosing a formula or other foods that you eat regularly, it's always a good idea to turn the package around and read the ingredient list. Then there are no surprises.

Have you used Similac Organic? Does the cane sugar issue concern you?

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